SEMI, the international semiconductor industry association, recently announced the establishment of a “Quality and Technology Working Group” to invite industry leaders such as Infineon, NXP, TSMC, UMC, etc. to accelerate the development of quality technology to meet the needs of the future application market and accelerate the establishment of quality standards across supply chains.

The semiconductor process is rapidly evolving in response to the needs of the end market, and continues to evolve toward miniaturization, stacking and heterogeneous integration to provide highly reliable chips. Therefore, how to ensure that quality standards pass through the various production process stages, and then optimize the design, materials, processes, become a key means for chip suppliers to create value.

SEMI pointed out that quality management focuses on prevention, especially for chip suppliers, to improve quality from manufacturability design or testability design, and to ensure quality in the early stage of the production process, which not only reduces the cost of inspection during subsequent production, but also reduce the cost of being returned by customers after the sale of the product.

In a recent working group meeting, SEMI and industry representatives unanimously stated that they will establish quality standards common to all stages of the semiconductor industry chain, and strengthen quality management from design, manufacturing, packaging, and even PCB. This is the most important goal of the SEMI Quality Technology Working Group in the short term.

According to the plan, in addition to the above-mentioned participating companies, the SEMI Quality Technology Working Group will continue to attract more companies from different fields.