According to reports, Samsung Electronics' mobile phone manufacturing plant in Tianjin, China will officially cease operations on December 31. Some employees said that the news was just announced on the 11th and there is no written notice.

Founded in August 2001, the plant is Samsung's Chinese mobile phone manufacturing base in Tianjin, producing 36 million mobile phones a year.

On December 10, there were media reports that Samsung plans to adjust some product structures in Tianjin, while investing in the world's leading power battery production line and Automotive MLCC factory, with an additional investment of 2.4 billion US dollars.

In addition, Samsung Electric Co., Ltd. is building an automotive MLCC plant in Tianjin. The project is expected to be completed by the end of next year and put into operation in 2020. Upon completion, the Tianjin plant will become one of Samsung's major MLCC production bases overseas.