According to industry sources, Qualcomm is laying off 269 jobs at its offices in Raleigh, North Carolina and San Diego, most of which are staff in the data center. The insider said that the data center department had nearly 1,000 employees earlier this year, and currently only about 50 employees remain.

Qualcomm fired 269 employees this time, including 144 data center operations in Raleigh, North Carolina, and 125 employees working in the company's hometown of San Diego. This is the latest series of measures taken by Qualcomm this year to cut costs. In April, it laid off 1,500 people in California.

“We have made a small number of layoffs for our full-time and temporary employees in certain areas of the company. Although layoffs have affected a small percentage of our employees, we know that layoffs of any size will not only affect those who have reduced their staff, but also their families and colleagues. We recognize this and provide severance payments to affected employees to reduce the impact of layoffs on them,” a Qualcomm spokesperson told the media.