Maxim Integrated has released six new low-power power management integrated circuits (PMICs), the MAX17270, MAX77278, MAX77640 / MAX77641 and MAX77680 / MAX77681, which help reduce the power management footprint of space-constrained products by 50%. The overall system efficiency is increased by 9% compared to the closest competing solution, while enhancing heat dissipation..

Today, designers are working to make electronics more integral in the lives of consumers by reducing form factor, reducing heat, increasing efficiency and extending battery life. Meeting these standards is a huge challenge considering the rich feature set, lower thermal thresholds, and the smaller capacity batteries needed to achieve an increasingly compact solution size. Maxim is expanding its portfolio of SIMO PMICs to enable designers to overcome these challenges, continuing the compact size and efficiency precedents set by MAX77650/MAX77651. The MAX17270, MAX77278, MAX77640/MAX77641, and MAX77680/MAX77681 PMICs feature a unique control architecture that allows a single inductor to act as a key energy storage component for multiple independent DC rail outputs. This allows engineers to reduce the number of large inductors in their designs, increasing efficiency, reducing form factor and enhancing heat dissipation. In addition, the low quiescent current of the PMIC plays an important role in extending battery life. With the inherent buck-boost operation of the PMIC, the power rail can operate over the entire battery range.


  • MAX17270: Smallest size, lowest quiescent current
  • MAX77278: Power Path Charger Optimized for Small Li+ Cells
  • MAX77640 / MAX77641: Highly Integrated Battery Charging and Power Solutions
  • MAX77680 / MAX77681: Mini PMIC for Normally Open, Low Power Applications

Availability and pricing

  • The MAX17270 is priced at $1.84 (above 1000pcs, FOB USA);
  • The MAX77278 is priced at $2.18 (above 1000pcs, FOB USA);
  • The MAX77680 and MAX77681 are priced at $1.24 (above 1000pcs, FOB USA);
  • The MAX77640 and MAX77641 are priced at $1.71 on the Maxim website (above 1000pcs, FOB USA).
  • These ICs are also available from designated authorized distributors.

For more information on this range of products, please refer to the Maxim Integrated website: