According to media reports in recent times, under the influence of the trade war, the market demand for consumer products has slowed down. This has slowed demand for passive electronic components, and prices for MLCC and R-Chip are expected to fall by 10% to 20% in the first quarter of next year.

However, with the consensus reached between China and the United States at the G20 summit, the United States will no longer raise tariffs on Chinese goods, and products that are currently being levied will continue to maintain a 10% tax rate. The trade war is fading, which has led to a rise in the share price of passive component manufacturers, including passive component manufacturers such as Walsin, Yageo, and PSA.

According to analysts, in the context of the trade war, the G20 summit will have a greater impact on the electronics market than every previous one, and will also have an impact on the price of passive electronic components.