Allegro Microsystems has released a new Hall-effect sensing IC for two-wheeled vehicles, the A17301, which is ideal for position and timing applications such as speedometers and engine-controlled tachometers.

The A17301 integrates EMC components into a small SIP package that is a powerful solution for digital ring magnet sensing when used with back-biased magnets. The device eliminates the need for external filter capacitors while increasing reliability and reducing the cost of the final sensor assembly. The IC integrates dual Hall-effect components with a 2.2 mm pitch and signal processing can be switched based on differential magnetic signals.

The A17301 contains complex digital circuitry that reduces system offset, calibrates the gain of the air gap independent switching point, and achieves true zero speed operation. Operating mode recalibration can be resistant to environmental influences such as microvibration of the target or sudden air gap changes. Regardless of the amount of signal offset between the output edges, the use of a digital peak detector for output switching control ensures continuous and accurate tracking of the input signal.

"The A17301 uses Allegro's differential architecture, which essentially avoids the flat line and flutter problems often encountered with a single Hall element solution," explains Bob Fortin, vice president of sensor business at Allegro. “This section is ideal for obtaining speed and duty cycle information for position and timing applications.”