According to supply chain news, DRAM manufacturers have begun to cut production capacity for next year, DRAM price cuts are an inevitable trend, and may faster than expected.

Recently, some analysts releaseAccording to industry insiders, the demand and capacity of memory chips have been rising continuously in the past few years. Once the demand is reduced, the price will continue to decline. In addition, the trade war between China and the United States has led to global economic turmoil, and the semiconductor industry is likely to enter a trough period.

d report on the memory chip market. Although the report maintained the Neutral rating of Micron, it lowered the target share price of Micron, from $52 to $41, the reason is that the price cut in the first quarter of next year will be higher than expected. The previous analysis suggests that it will fall by 10-12% next year, but the new data shows that the memory price decline in the first quarter of next year is 10-15%, and the price of NAND flash memory will also drop by 10-15%.

In addition, DRAMeXchange had previously estimated that the average DRAM sales price for the full year of 2019 may fall by 20%.