Yageo yesterday announced that the combined revenue in October 2018 was NT$6.315 billion, an increase of 108.2% over the same period last year and a decrease of 38.4% from September, it is the lowest monthly revenue in the past six months.

Yageo said that revenue in October decreased compared with the previous month, mainly because of the off-season, and the holiday in mainland China decreased by a quarter of the working days. The impact of the trade war expanded, this situation has driven end-users to wait and see, which has led to a decline in demand. In addition, authorized distributors have also adjusted the number of purchases due to high inventory levels.

Yageo further pointed out that in the face of this situation, the company will continue to actively assist dealers in inventory management and adjust customer service models to ensure the healthy development of the supply chain and continue to expand market share.

Yageo said that the strategy of continuously optimizing product mix and enhancing the company's international competitiveness remains unchanged, and the company will maintain its operational growth momentum.