Micron announced that it will acquire Intel's shareholding in IM Flash Technologies, a joint venture between Micron and Intel, for $1.5 billion in cash.

Under the previous agreement, Micron will sell 3D Xpoint memory wafers to Intel for one year after the acquisition. At the end of the transaction, IM Flash will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Micron, and all its employees will be incorporated into Micron's technology R&D and manufacturing team in Lihai, Utah. It is understood that IM Flash produces 3D Xpoint and is mainly used in data centers and high-end computers.

Sanjay Mehrotra, President and CEO of Micron, pointed out that Micron believes that emerging memory technologies such as 3D XPoint can bring unique differences to the company, and applications that require large amounts of data also need these technologies as the foundation solution.

It can be seen from this acquisition that Micron will fully promote the second generation of 3D Xpoint in 2019. According to industry analysts, the prospects for DRAM and NAND are not optimistic, the 3D Xpoint may become Micron's next market advantage.