Microchip Technology has released the EMC181x family of temperature sensors, which include five 1.8V sensors, including a five-channel temperature sensor with standard lead spacing. The EMC181x temperature sensor family also introduces a system temperature rate of change report feature that provides advanced warnings about how system temperatures fluctuate.

Using a single integrated temperature sensor to monitor temperature across multiple locations is designed to reduce board complexity and simplify design. The EMC181x temperature sensor family offers a variety of remote channels for 1.8V operation to meet different design needs, ranging from 2 to 5 channels. The family is suitable for applications from 3.3V to lower voltages such as battery-powered IoT applications, personal computing devices, field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and graphics processing units (GPUs). In addition, the EMC181x family and Microchip's 3.3V EMC14xx temperature sensors are register and voltage compatible for 1.8V testability and achievability. The three-channel sensor is available in an 8-pin 2 x 2 mm package and the five-channel package is available in a 10-pin 2 x 2.5 mm package. The sensor also reduces the number of components required for remote temperature monitoring.

The EMC181x device measures system temperature change rates and provides two-dimensional temperature sensing. In addition to reporting ambient temperature, this feature also informs the customer of the rate of temperature change in the system and shares data that helps to tune the application. The system is suitable for closed control loop systems and other applications that prioritize low-voltage rails, providing early notification of temperature rise or fall to prevent potential system failures.

For more information on this family of products, please refer to Microchip Technology's official website: www.microchip.com