In recent years, the semiconductor giants have turned the main market to high-end markets such as vehicles, which has led to a shortage of semiconductor products traditional consumer applications. Together with the recent trade war between the US and China, the Taiwanese semiconductor industry is optimistic about the market development trend of MOSFETs.

According to Taiwan industry insiders, mainland China is a very large market. For a long time, mainland Chinese electronic manufacturers imported huge amounts of semiconductor products from the United States. However, due to the recent trade war, these electronic product manufacturers will significantly reduce their use of US semiconductors and increase the proportion of purchases in Japan, Europe and other regions, and Taiwan's MOSFET manufacturers will also benefit from it.

Reducing the procurement of IDM manufacturers in the United States is mainly due to the increase in costs due to tariffs. However, in recent years, IDM manufacturers in Europe and Japan have adjusted the new product structure to high-end applications, and cannot supply large quantities to the low-end applications. Therefore, Industry insiders judge that the supply and demand situation of the MOSFET market, which is dominated by the 3C market, will remain slightly tight next year. Under such circumstances, mainland China's purchase orders will be greatly shifted to Taiwan region.