Recently, Rutronik and Yageo reached a long-term agreement on the supply of MLCC and R-Chip for two years, according to which Rutronik will be able to supply these electronic components to customers by now until mid-2020.

As the demand for smart homes, IoT applications, industrial 4.0 and new products in the field of electric vehicles continues to grow, passive electronic components are in short supply worldwide, and leadtime is getting longer and longer, made it difficult for end product manufacturers to plan production.

To ensure that customers have access to sufficient MLCC and R-Chip for production, Rutronik has signed a long-term supply agreement with Yageo for these components, enabling existing Rutronik customers to produce in a planned manner.

"Protecting supply for existing customers is our top priority, which is why we have an agreement with reliable partner Yageo to help clients plan for the future. Yageo's global market share in MLCC and R-Chip More than 25%, and significantly increased production capacity in the past three years. In the current severe shortage of passive components, Confucius customers will particularly benefit from this long-term supply agreement. "Said Stefan Sutalo, Rutronik passive components product marketing Director.