Today, some insiders pointed out that UMC may acquire Globalfoundries, the world's second largest wafer fab.

According to previous reports, ATIC, which owns 90% of Globalfoundries, is looking for potential buyers for Globalfoundries.

A number of semiconductor investment professionals said that mainland Chinese companies are very interested in Globalfoundries, especially UNIGROUP and SMIC, but subject to the current relationship between China and the United States, UNIGROUOP and SMIC are basically impossible to become buyers.

UMC has long maintained good relations with mainland China, and its subsidiaries in China, HeJian Technology, United Semi, and IC design company UDS will be listed together. After the listing, it will be able to obtain more sources of funds, increase asset size and expand capital strength. Meanwhile, according to a report by SemiMedia on June 30, UMC bought Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Co., Ltd. to show the industry its development strategy and determination to strengthen its global presence, expand overseas markets and accelerate business growth. Therefore, industry insiders speculate that if ATIC will sell its Globalfoundries shares, UMC is the most likely buyer.