Recently, Intel's 14-nanometer chip supply is tight due to insufficient production capacity. A while ago, there was news that Intel turned to TSMC for help, but Intel issued a statement on the 12th to refute this rumor.

The reason for Intel's tight production capacity is that the new 10nm process has encountered obstacles, the ninth-generation processor is forced to use the 14nm process, the H370/B360 motherboard chipset that was originally produced in the 22nm process is also advanced to 14nm. These has led to the inability of the existing production capacity to cope.

According to media reports, Intel said in a statement that it will expands its 14-nanometer production capacity to cope with the increased demand for solving the problem of tight supply,  indirectly denial the rumor that to outsourced the 14-nanometer production capacity to TSMC.

There are only a few weeks left before the ninth-generation processor and the 14-nm Z390 motherboard chipset are on the market. It is still unknown when Intel expands its 14-nanometer capacity.