ASE Technology Holding Co., Ltd., the leading provider of semiconductor manufacturing services in assembly and test, announced on August 10 that it has sold a 30% stake in Suzhou ASEN Semiconductor Co., Ltd (ASEN) to UNIGROUP. About 95.34 million US dollars.

ASEN was established in 2007 by the joint venture between Taiwan ASE and NXP in Suzhou, China. The shareholding structure is 60% for ASE and 40% for NXP. In March of this year, ASE spent $127 million to acquire all the shares held by NXP, thereby holding a 100% stake in ASEN.

According to industry analysts, UNIGROUP intends to deepen the packaging and testing business by acquiring a 30% stake in ASEN, aiming at and improving its vertical supply chain architecture. For ASE, cooperation with UNIGROUP can help ASE strengthen its industrial layout in the Mainland. Some insiders speculate that this move is to promote the ASE's mainland IPO process.