Recently, some media reported that China's TSINGHUA UNIGROUP will acquire Siltronic AG, the world's fourth largest semiconductor wafer fab. These reports also said that after the acquisition, the semiconductor silicon wafer manufacturing strength in mainland China will impact the position of Taiwanese manufacturer GlobalWafers in the wafer manufacturing industry.

In fact, China's semiconductor strength is relatively weak. In recent years, many mergers and acquisitions have been launched to strengthen its own strength. However, previous attempts with Taiwan's Powertech (PTI), ChipMOS and SPIL, as well as the acquisition of Micron, were rejected by the Taiwan authorities and the US authorities. Since the beginning of this year, mainland China has turned its target to Europe, and its investment in the EU has been increasing. As of last month, the scale of the acquisition has reached 45.5 billion US dollars, and the annual growth rate has doubled. On the contrary, the amount of investment in the United States is only 1.9 billion US dollars, three-quarters less.

Based on such a global market base, UNIGROUP's acquisition of Siltronic AG is more like a matter of course, but UNIGROUP issued a public statement today saying that UNIGROUP did not participate in the acquisition of Siltronic AG, and said the news was a rumor and there was no factual basis.