South Korean materials and components Manufacturer Amotech is optimistic about the MLCC market and decided to enter the MLCC market. Amotech plans to build an MLCC production line at its headquarters in Incheon and mass production in the first half of 2019. The production capacity is expected to be 4 billion to 5 billion pieces per month, and the production scale will be adjusted according to market conditions.

Amotech is a market leader in the field of chip varistor. Through more than 20 years of passive component market experience, it has a multi-material, small chip precision production technology, and have strong competitiveness in the market. Amotech already has the necessary infrastructure to produce MLCC, although the MLCC market competition is huge, Amotech is still quite confident.

In order to differentiate from existing MLCC producers on the market, Amotech is committed to developing composite MLCCs. Amotech's own material technology advantages, combined with heterogeneous materials as a single chip, can increase the life of MLCC. New markets such as MLCC for 5G in multi-UHF or MLCC for electric vehicles requiring high reliability and special compound materials, Amotech plans to develop in this field as target market. In the future, MLCC will become the main business in the field of Amotech ceramic chips.

If Amotech can mass produce MLCC as scheduled, it would be great news for the tight MLCC supply, the industry generally believes that the MLCC shortage will soon be eased.