After evaluation, Lattice Semiconductor decided to end its millimeter wave business in order to focus its company resources on its core business.

Lattice estimates that the second quarter of 2018 will provide approximately $25 million in major non-cash restructuring and impairment charges for the millimeter wave business, and annual operating expenses will be reduced by $13 million. Because other products are relatively strong enough to make up for the gap in the millimeter wave business, Lattice believes that this move will not have an impact on the 2018 annual revenue.

Lattice said that during the transition period after the millimeter wave business, the company will continue to support customer products and requirements.

Lattice Acting CEO Glen Hawk said that after careful evaluation, the millimeter wave business will not be able to achieve the predetermined short-term scale to achieve profitability, or the need to continue investing, and thus classified as a non-core business. He revealed that prior to this, Lattice had considered various alternative strategies for the cause, but none of them came in handy. By ending the millimeter wave business, Lattice will be able to focus more on the opportunities that the core business brings.