According to sources, Samsung Electronics made another great success in the semiconductor business in the first half of this year, and intends to issue a record award amount to partners such as suppliers. The specific prize amount may exceed US$19.4 million. It is reported that Samsung Electronics' award-winning supplier's move is mainly due to the growth of its business, indicating that the global chip market is currently in a very prosperous market cycle.

This is not the first time that Samsung Electronics has rewarded its partners. Samsung Electronics has been giving bonuses to suppliers since 2010. The bonuses offered by Samsung Electronics to suppliers are divided into two categories, one is related to the production and quality control of raw materials for parts, and the other is mainly concerned with the importance of suppliers for production safety and environmental protection (starting in 2013).

In addition, Samsung Electronics has other channels to support suppliers. For example, Samsung has set up a supplier support fund. Last year, the fund provided by Samsung was 822.8 billion won, this figure may increase this year.