July 10, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- ChipsNL, the Dutch semiconductor trade consortium whose members include well-known semiconductor companies such as ASML, NXP, and Nexperia, recently stated that the Netherlands has an important geopolitical voice through the semiconductor industry. However, due to the lack of focus, public investment and joint strategy, the Dutch chip industry is increasingly likely to fall behind its competitors.

ChipNL calls for public financing of €100-150 million per year for semiconductor innovation initiatives over the next six years (€600-900 million in total). In addition to co-financing, R&D subsidies must be made more accessible to scale up projects, production must be stimulated through joint strategies, and Dutch capital markets must be improved.

ChipNL said the semiconductor industry could achieve annual growth of 9.8 billion euros in 2030, a figure that could increase to 16.7 billion euros per year if growth trends continue.

In addition, this will help improve the profitability of the entire value chain, which mainly consists of SMEs across the Netherlands, increase the number of customers, and prevent the loss of technology and jobs in SMEs. ASML emphasizes that this will also maintain the current status quo and international position by alleviating the continuous pressure caused by crowding-out effects and geopolitical changes.