June 20, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- Rapidus CEO Atsuyoshi Koike recently said that the company's 2nm process test plant will start in April 2025.

Rapidus's initial goal was to manufacture 2nm chips, and it has received support from Belgium's imec and the United States' IBM. Its competitor TSMC's chip fab in Kumamoto produces chips with less advanced processes.

Atsuyoshi Koike said that with the support of partners, Rapidus is expected to start the world's most advanced commercial wafer foundry production only two years behind TSMC, and will further shorten the time gap in the future to gain a competitive advantage over TSMC and Samsung.

Atsuyoshi Koike is confident in accelerating the start of 2nm production, and said that Rapidus will be able to provide faster wafer processing speeds in the future and win the favor of customers with its high efficiency.