June 11, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- Japanese chipmaker Rapidus recently raised its sales target for cutting-edge semiconductors to cope with strong demand for artificial intelligence (AI) in personal computers (PCs) and smartphones.

Rapidus said it aims to achieve revenue of 1 trillion yen ($6.4 billion) by 2030, up from an initial target of 1 trillion yen in sales by 2040, due to the rapid growth of the AI ​​market.

Rapidus said it has not set a fixed target for future market share, but believes the market will continue to grow and Rapidus' sales will be closer to market trends.

Rapidus' chip factory in Hokkaido is currently under construction. The company plans to start trial production of advanced 2nm process AI chips from April next year and start mass production in 2027.

Rapidus will seek opportunities to supply all major technology companies including Apple, Microsoft and Tesla, but did not disclose specific details. The company established its first overseas sales office in Silicon Valley in April to strengthen communication with customers.