May 22, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- According to reports, Marvell Technology, Inc. has seen its workforce and operations in Vietnam grow over the past year, ever since the company announced plans to expand its R&D, engineering and design activities in the country.

Marvell committed to 50% growth of its workforce in Vietnam in three years, a target shared by the company during last year’s U.S.-Vietnam Innovation and Investment Summit attended by Marvell Chairman and CEO Matt Murphy. Today, Marvell is ahead of its plans, achieving more than 30% growth in just eight months.

Marvell has also expanded its physical footprint in Vietnam with a new location in Da Nang, adding to its offices in Ho Chi Minh City. The growth of its footprint demonstrates the company’s commitment to creating a world-class semiconductor design hub in the country.

“We are excited with the momentum we’ve gained since we announced our design center plans last year, including our progress in adding top engineering talent to our team and expanding our number of sites,” said Murphy. “Vietnam is rapidly becoming a center of semiconductor innovation and we are committed to being part of that.”

A new Marvell design center facility in Ho Chi Minh City, which is expected to open within the next year, and other Marvell engineering facilities in Vietnam are focused on high-speed data center optical connectivity, storage, and analog and mixed-signal semiconductor technologies. These are critical to the build-out of accelerated infrastructure to meet the rising performance and power requirements of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud data centers.

“Marvell has been part of the technology ecosystem in Vietnam for over ten years. The company is committed to attracting the best and brightest engineering talent to its semiconductor design center in Vietnam, and to contributing to the growth of the country’s semiconductor community,” said Dr. Loi Nguyen, Executive Vice President of Cloud Optics at Marvell and a native of Ho Chi Minh City.