May 2, 2024 /SemiMedia/ --  Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation recently stated that consumer electronics inventory adjustments will gradually return to normal levels in 2024, and industrial and automotive inventory adjustments are still in progress. It is expected to return to normal levels in the second or third quarter, and the market should grow moderately in the second half of the year.

VIS said that the utilization rate of mature process wafer foundry capacity is still low. While inventory adjustment is coming to an end, it hopes that prices will gradually converge and stabilize. It will face market changes with customers, but does not expect much change in the second half of the year.

Regarding price competition, VIS said that it does not participate in low-price competition and is making good progress in providing value services from the perspective of power management chips.

Recently, it has been reported from the supply chain that VIS’s new 12-inch wafer fab will be located in Singapore, right next to the Singapore 8-inch wafer fab that was previously acquired by GlobalFoundries.