April 22, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- According to reports, Samsung Electronics plans to expand its R&D center in Silicon Valley in the United States to specifically design artificial intelligence chips. Samsung plans to strengthen its design capabilities to disrupt the artificial intelligence chip market currently dominated by large U.S. technology companies such as Nvidia.

According to industry sources, Samsung's SAIT (formerly the Advanced Institute of Technology) has established the Advanced Processor Laboratory (APL) in Silicon Valley to specialize in AI chip design.

The report pointed out that APL is developing the next generation of semiconductor design, focusing on RISC-V, which is the basic standard for semiconductor chip design. This field is mainly monopolized by ARM, a British semiconductor design company. Samsung’s RISC-V initiative has been interpreted as a step towards technological independence.

The ultimate goal of Samsung’s APL Research Institute is to design its own RISC-V-based AI chip.