April 12, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- According to supply chain, Western Digital issued a price increase notice on April 8, announcing that it would increase prices for NAND Flash and HDD products this quarter.

Western Digital stated in the notice that the market demand for Western Digital's NAND Flash and HDD product portfolio is higher than expected, resulting in supply constraints. Additionally, supply chain challenges across the electronics industry are further impacting supply availability. Therefore, prices for NAND Flash and HDD products will continue to increase this quarter, and some changes will take effect immediately.

Western Digital said the price increase will apply to Western Digital's entire product portfolio. Additionally, Western Digital will continue to conduct frequent pricing reviews and make adjustments accordingly.

"Our ability to respond to unplanned demand and orders is limited. Please ensure that any changes to your order are communicated as early as possible. Anticipate extended lead times for any unplanned demand." Western Digital emphasized.