April 2, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. recently introduced two new FRED Pt® 500 A Ultrafast soft recovery diode modules in the new TO-244 Gen III package. Offering higher reliability than previous-generation solutions, the Vishay Semiconductors VS-VSUD505CW60 and VS-VSUD510CW60 are designed to reduce losses and EMI / RFI in high frequency power conditioning systems.

The rugged TO-244 package of the diode modules released today withstands 46 000 IOL cycles at given conditions, offering an improved life expectancy over previous-generation devices. In addition, the industry-standard package is footprint-compatible with competing solutions in the TO-244 to provide a drop-in replacement for existing designs.

The VSUD505CW60 and VS-VSUD510CW60 are ideally suited for high frequency welding; high current converters and ballast water management systems (BWMS) in railway equipment, cranes, and ships; UPS; and other applications where switching losses comprise a significant portion of the total losses. In these applications, the softness of their recovery eliminates the need for a snubber, reducing component counts and lowering costs.

Offered in a common cathode configuration, the diode modules provide low forward voltage drop down to 0.82 V, thermal resistance — junction to case — of 0.16 °C/W, and an operating temperature range up to +175 °C.

For more information, please click VS-VSUD505CW60 and VS-VSUD510CW60.