March 27, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- According to reports, Rapidus is investing in semiconductor equipment to operate a pilot production line next year.

The report pointed out that Rapidus aims to mass-produce 2nm chips in 2027 and start prototype production next year. With this investment, Rapidus expects to have 2nm wafer production capacity of thousands of wafers per month.

Industry insiders revealed that Rapidus will invest US$90 million to purchase semiconductor equipment this year and US$600 million next year to build a 2nm semiconductor pilot line. The pilot line is a test production facility before full-scale mass production. Rapidus will upgrade its mass production technology through the establishment of this pilot line because it has no experience in semiconductor production.

The report also pointed out that Rapidus’ entry into the manufacturing industry will not bring significant changes to the market. Rapidus's target market is different from existing foundries such as TSMC and Samsung Electronics. Rapidus' goal is to produce wafer-level semiconductors suitable for various types of low-volume production. This approach is suitable for early-stage semiconductor development by fabless companies rather than mass production.

At the same time, Rapidus is also working on developing a 1nm semiconductor process with the goal of mass production in 2030.