February 28, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- TDK Corporation announces the launch of a new inductor for automotive high-frequency circuits, the MHQ1005075HA. The product uses the same materials and construction methods as the conventional product, while applying TDK's proprietary design expertise to the internal structure from the perspective of fail-safe design. The series is 1005 size (1.0 × 0.5 × 0.7 mm - L x W x H), and the inductance ranges from 1.0 nH to 56 nH. Mass production of the product series began this month, February 2024.

Inductors for high-frequency circuits for automotive or infrastructure use must meet higher standards for safety and reliability, designed based on AEC-Q200.

The product leverages TDK's one-of-a-kind design expertise in the design of the internal structure to realize the high-frequency properties equal or superior to conventional products. For example, the inductor’s internal structure is designed to reduce the chances of an open failure due to cracks in the mount points of the component. Combined with automotive circuit board manufacturing guidelines, the TDK MHQ1005075HA inductor can deliver a sizable increase of reliability in an automotive environment. TDK will further expand its line to meet the evolving needs of customers.

For more information, please visit https://product.tdk.com/system/files/dam/doc/product/inductor/inductor/smd/catalog/inductor_automotive_high-frequency_mhq1005075ha_en.pdf