January 11, 2024 /SemiMedia/ -- Infineon Technologies AG announced that it has officially reached a SiC supply agreement with silicon carbide (SiC) supplier SK Siltron CSS.

Under the agreement, SK Siltron CSS will provide Infineon with competitive and high-quality 150-millimeter SiC wafers, supporting the production of SiC semiconductors. In a subsequent phase, SK Siltron CSS will play an important role in assisting Infineon's transition to a 200-millimeter wafer diameter.

"For Infineon, supply chain resiliency is about implementing a multi-supplier strategy and thriving in times of adversity to create new growth opportunities and drive decarbonization," said Angelique van der Burg, Chief Procurement Officer at Infineon. "We are excited to partner with SK Siltron CSS to serve the growing SiC demand of our broad customer base with new energy-efficient and top-quality products, matching the highest standards in the SiC market."

"With decades of experience in silicon carbide materials and manufacturing, we bring unparalleled knowledge to our sustainably manufactured compound semiconductor solutions. This wealth of experience is a cornerstone in our partnership with Infineon," said Jianwei Dong, Ph.D., CEO of SK Siltron CSS. "This long-term supply agreement marks the synergy of our extensive expertise and Infineon's vision to make life easier, safer and greener for generations to come."