According to reports, Infineon Technologies recently joined the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association (WiSA), an industry organization dedicated to bringing audio, video and home entertainment companies together to create true wireless and high resolution home theater experience.

Infineon recently acquired Merus Audio, a startup in Copenhagen that manufactures energy-efficient audio amplifiers. By integrating Infineon’s technology into Merus’s solution, it enables customers to use the “Advanced Class D audio amplifier product portfolio”. This is one of the reasons why WiSA is interested in Infineon.

Now, as a WiSA member, the association stated that Infineon will be able to work with other technology probiders to make it easier to integrate the WiSA authentication technology. The result is that Infineon can bring higher-quality home audio products to market, allowing users to enjoy “multi-source” content through the WiSA certification system.

“Infineon Technologies is an excellent addition given their diverse audio experience and product development capabilities across varying product types. As our membership continues to grow with companies worldwide, so does the potential for consumers to create the perfect wireless home theater experience by selecting the products and brands that are right for them, their goals and environment.” Said Tony Ostrom, president of WiSA.

“This membership presents Infineon’s undisputable commitment to the continued support of designing WiSA-certified speakers. With our Merus Audio product line of highly energy-efficient multi-level amplifiers alongside our already existing home audio business, Infineon possesses the opportunity to dramatically unleash new possibilities for WiSA members with the added benefits for end users worldwide.” Said Jens Tybo Jensen, Head of Marketing and Application Engineering for Class D Audio at Infineon.