November 22, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- According to the supply chain, Texas Instruments has laid off its MCU R&D team in China and moved all MCU R&D to India. All members of the Chinese team have been dispersed and assigned to other product lines, and their positions and salaries remain unchanged.

Texas Instruments' MCU R&D team in China is mainly focused on the research and development of the MSP430 product line. This product line has been launched on the market since 1996 as a series of 16-bit ultra-low power consumption and low-cost MCUs. So far, it has more than 500 products in the MSP430 series. It is widely used in industrial control, automobile, consumer electronics, medical and other fields. The Texas Instruments Shanghai R&D center was established in 2010, and the Chinese R&D team for the MSP430 product line was established in 2011.

TI's MCU team used to be one of the best product lines for local operations. It was based on the Chinese market and specialized in local customized development. However, it began to decline in early 2018, and part of its market was slowly eroded by Chinese MCU manufacturers.