November 6, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- According to reports, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte led a Dutch delegation to visit Vietnam recently and said that Dutch semiconductor companies and suppliers are planning to invest in manufacturing in Vietnam and are expected to build factories and produce chips in Vietnam.

According to the delegation's list, about 12 of the nearly 30 companies are representatives of chip or semiconductor company suppliers.

During the visit to Vietnam, Dutch chip equipment manufacturer Besi Semiconductor announced that it had received approval to rent a factory in southern Vietnam with an initial investment of US$5 million.

Henk Jan Poerink, Besi's vice president for global operations, said Besi's investment is expected to grow significantly and it plans to build its own factory in Vietnam within the next four years.

Some companies on the delegation are suppliers to ASML, but ASML did not send a representative.

The report pointed out that the known investment scale is not large, but it shows that the Netherlands will reduce its reliance on China as an export center.