October 24, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- According to reports, China’s silicon carbide (SiC) production capacity has increased significantly since 2023. The industry predicts that China's silicon carbide wafer share in the world is expected to reach 50% in 2024.

The report pointed out that companies such as SICC Co., Ltd, TankeBlue Semiconductor Co. Ltd. and SanAn Optoelectronics have all invested in increasing SiC wafer production capacity. The current total monthly production capacity of these Chinese companies is about 60,000 wafers. With the expansion of production capacity, it is expected that the monthly production capacity will reach 120,000 pieces in 2024, and the annual production capacity will be 1.5 million.

According to industry sources, SICC Co., Ltd and TankeBlue Semiconductor Co. Ltd. previously accounted for 5% of the global market share, while the world's four leading SiC manufacturers have a much larger share, with Wolfspeed accounting for 60%, Coherent accounting for 15%, ROHM Electronics accounting for 13%, and SK Siltron accounting for 5%.

Bosch, STMicroelectronics, Infineon, etc. have all recently signed SiC contracts with Chinese companies, indicating that China’s status in the supply chain is rapidly increasing.

Analysts said that the current global market mainly uses 150mm SiC wafers. It is expected that product prices will decline significantly by 2024 as manufacturers expand production, which will bring challenges to less competitive manufacturers.