October 19, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- Peter Wennink, CEO of semiconductor equipment manufacturer ASML, recently said that despite export restrictions imposed by the U.S. and Dutch governments, demand from chip manufacturers in mainland China is expected to remain strong.

"Mainland China's demand for mature technology will be quite large, and I don't think it will peak this year." Wennink said.

Among the equipment sold by ASML in the third quarter, mainland Chinese customers accounted for 46%. In response to this performance, ASML's chief financial officer Roger Dasse pointed out that equipment shipped to mainland China is mainly targeted at mature process customers, and most shipments this quarter are based on orders in 2022 or even earlier.

"We are seeing changes in the timing of demand from other customers, which allows us to deliver more equipment to customers in China. Therefore, the delivery volume in China is increasing, while at the same time it is decreasing in other regions, and the share of the Chinese market has increased relatively. " Dasse said.

"All our shipments comply with export control regulations," Dasse emphasized.