October 13, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- TDK Corporation announces the expansion of its Micronas direct-angle Hall effect sensor family product portfolio with the new HAL® 3927* sensor for automotive and industrial applications. HAL 3927 features a linear, ratiometric analog output with integrated wire-break detection as well as an SAE J2716 compliant SENT interface according to rev. 4. Samples are already available. The start of production is planned for the first quarter of 2024.

The new device is a high-resolution position sensor for highly accurate position measurements. Thanks to the sensor’s versatile programming characteristics and its high accuracy, the HAL 3927 is a potential solution for linear movement measurements in transmissions, in clutch pedals, as an engine stroke sensor, for liquid level sensing, and for cylinder and valve position measurements. Furthermore, HAL 3927 is well suited for rotary position measurement in gear selectors, as a rotary selector with push function or in rear-axis, etc.** Its accurate integrated temperature sensor allows customers to replace other external temperature sensors if the application is using the SENT interface.

The HAL 3927 is based on Hall technology and can measure horizontal and vertical magnetic-field components BX, BY and BZ. Based on the signals of two out of three magnetic-field components, the device can measure 360° angular range and linear movements. On-chip signal processing calculates one angle out of two orthogonal magnetic-field components and converts this value into an output signal. In addition to the built-in signal processing, the sensor features an arbitrary programmable output characteristic, e.g. for linearization of the output signal via up to 33 setpoints (17 variable- or 33 fixed). Major characteristics like gain and offset, reference position, etc. can be adjusted to the magnetic circuitry by programming the non-volatile memory. This product is defined as ASIL B ready SEooC (Safety Element out of Context) according to ISO 26262. The sensor is available in the eight-pin SOIC8 SMD package.

Main applications

  • Detection of angle of rotation in automotive applications, rotary shifters (with push-function), liquid-level measurement, as well as rear-axis steering systems
  • Detection of linear position in applications like clutch or brake pedal stroke, transmission system, cylinder and valve position sensing

Further information on the products can be found https://www.micronas.tdk.com/en/products/direct-angle-sensors/hal-39xy.