October 2, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- BYD Group, China's largest electric vehicle manufacturer, recently announced that its holding subsidiary BYD ELECTRONIC (INTERNATIONAL) COMPANY LIMITED it had signed an "Equity Acquisition Agreement" with Jabil Circuit (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of Jabil Inc., on September 26, 2023.

BYD ELECTRONIC is the world's leading high-end manufacturing company, with its business covering diversified market fields such as smartphones, tablets, new energy vehicles, smart homes, gaming hardware, drones, Internet of Things, robots, communication equipment, and medical and health equipment.

Jabil Singapore, a manufacturing solutions provider that provides comprehensive design, manufacturing, supply chain and product management services, is a supplier to Apple. Its main factories are located in Chengdu and Wuxi, China.

According to BYD, the acquisition will expand BYD Electronics' customer and product boundaries, expand its smartphone parts business, improve BYD Electronics' customer and product structure, and enhance BYD Electronics' overall competitiveness.