September 14, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- WT Microelectronics, an authorized distributor of electronic components listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, announced yesterday that it would suspend trading on the 14th due to major news to be announced.

According to insiders in the electronic components supply chain, the major news mentioned by WT Microelectronics refers to the merger and acquisition. The acquisition target is Future Electronics, a world-renowned electronic components distributor headquartered in Canada.

WT Microelectronics is an authorized distributor for many world-renowned semiconductor brands, including Analog Devices, Allegro Microsystems, Intel, Microchip, Micron, NXP, onsemi, Renesas, Silicon Labs, STMicroelectronics, Skysorks, etc.

The insider pointed out that WT Microelectronics has a large market share in Asia. After buying Future Electronics, it will expand its brand line and enhance its competitiveness in the global distribution market.

According to public information, WT ranks fourth in the global electronic component distributor rankings in 2022, with the top three being Arrow, WPG group and AVNET.