September 11, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- TDK Corporation recently announced the launch of its new NTCWS series of NTC thermistors using Au wire bonding. These bondable NTC thermistors can be mounted with Au wire bonding inside the package for highly accurate temperature detection of laser diodes (LDs) used for optical communication. Mass production of the product series began in September 2023.

TDK launches new NTC thermistor for laser diode temperature measurement-SemiMedia

The use of LD devices in optical communication transceivers is increasing, as typified by 5G and LiDAR used for inter-vehicle distance measurement. Since the wavelength of LDs changes with temperature, controlling the temperature of LDs is the key to improving their performance.

The new NTCWS series of temperature sensors from TDK supports a narrow tolerance (± 1%) of resistance and B value and can be mounted with Au wire bonding near the LD for highly accurate temperature sensing. Featuring a compact and lead-free design, the NTCWS series thermistors can withstand operating temperatures of -40 ~ 125 °C. TDK has initially released sensors with a B value of 3930 K ± 1 % (the NTCWS3UF103FC1GT and NTCWS3UF103HC1GT) and plans to release additional products with other characteristics in the future.

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