July 27, 2023 /SemiMedia/ -- Infineon Technologies AG recently announced the new TEGRION™ security controller family, the company’s broadest portfolio of 28 nm security controllers. It integrates the new Integrity Guard 32 security architecture and an advanced Arm® v8-M instruction set for enhanced device performance. TEGRION security controllers offer ease of implementation, fast design-in and time-to-market, while supporting long product lifecycles. The broad portfolio of TEGRION security controllers is designed to support a wide range of applications from smart home, smart mobility and smart industry to payment, identity and lifestyle.

“By investing in and launching the TEGRION security controller family, Infineon is demonstrating its long-term commitment to the security market. It is the most powerful security controller family the company has ever launched,” said Ioannis Kabitoglou, Senior Vice President & General Manager Digital Security & Identity at Infineon. “Based on the positive customer feedback, we are confident that the TEGRION security controller family will meet current and future security application requirements. And, as a matter of fact, our customers will be able to develop their operating systems much faster.”

TEGRION features Infineon’s unique Integrity Guard 32 hardware security architecture, which greatly simplifies application development. It allows design-for-security conditions that are critical to sustainable success of today’s and tomorrow’s connected applications. Integrity Guard 32 enables higher levels of security without compromising on performance and reliability. It is based on a holistic approach that integrates the system’s processing core, on-chip memories, buses, caches, crypto accelerators and peripheral interfaces into a comprehensive security architecture.

Highly effective error detection/correction codes and a self-checking dual-CPU core protect the system. Power-efficient crypto accelerators enable fast data encryption and digital signatures and other crypto operations while protecting the system from side-channel, fault induction and physical attacks. Integrity Guard 32 pushes the boundaries of hardware security forward, while reducing the total cost of ownership over the entire product lifecycle, thus enabling easier application development with significantly less efforts for protection measures in software.

The first member of the new family, the SLC26P, was released in November 2022 and includes EMVCo certification for payment markets. Over the past six months, this product has experienced a very rapid ramp-up to volume production, driven by customer demand. The first implementation based on a TEGRION security controller, a SECORA™ Pay payment solution, has demonstrated industry-leading contactless and personalization performance. Based on the new Mastercard 2023 performance guideline with 144-byte keys, a payment card with the SECORA Pay security solution enables contactless transactions within 155 ms – almost halving the expected transaction time (less than 300 ms).

The first TEGRION security controller family, the SLC26P for payment applications, is available now and the portfolio is being continuously expanded. By the end of the year, Infineon plans to address the areas of government identification, transport ticketing as well as eSIM and Secure Element, bringing the benefits of advanced 28 nm technology to more applications.

For more information, please visit www.infineon.com/tegrion.