In recent months, IDM and IC design companies have been fighting for wafer foundry capacity. The orders received by MOSFETs and IGBTs from Taiwan foundries, Mosel Vitelic Inc., Episil Technologies Inc., VIS, and Novotom, etc. have exceeded the load, and the production period has already reached the end of the year. According to the current situation, the foundry prices in the third quarter will surely increase. Among them, the 6-inch foundry price will increase by 10% to 20%, and the price of 8-inch wafer foundry will increase by 5-10%.

It is understood that Mosel has recently sent a letter to inform customers of price increases. It is expected that the price of foundry products will be increased by 15 to 20% depending on the product in July. High-priced customers and high-priced products will give priority to production. Orders that have not been completed by the end of June will be returned to the customer and the customer will be asked to re-evaluate the demand, and re-ordering will apply to the foundry's new price in July.

Episil recently held a regular meeting of shareholders, Chairman Xu Jianhua said that artificial intelligence, automotive electronics and electric vehicles, Internet of Things, etc. are driving demand for power semiconductors, Episil silicon fab EPI production capacity has been fully loaded until the end of the year, its foundry business is also in The same full load situation. Episil will adjust the product structure step by step, expand niche product volume production scale and increase the proportion of wide-gap products, hoping this year to achieve the goal of full-year profitability. Although Xu Jianhua is reluctant to talk more about whether silicon wafers and foundry prices increase, he only emphasizes price increases needs to consider market and customer relationships, but the industry pointed out that EPI silicon wafers have been determined to increase prices quarter by quarter, plus customers are actively fighting for Wafer foundry capacity, it is expected that Episil 5 and 6-inch foundry prices will simultaneously increase prices by more than 10% in the second half.

In addition, Novoton and VIS also reported raising the price of foundry foundry in the third quarter. In the case of a significant increase in MOSFET orders, Novoton's 6-inch wafer foundry capacity has been fully loaded since last year, and current orders on hand have also been sorted to the end of the year. It is said that its third quarter price will also be increased by 10%.