Murata announced that it will expand its plant at its subsidiary Fukui Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture) . The total investment amount of the building is 29 billion yen. The purpose is to increase production of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) for smartphones and automobiles.

Murata stated that in the automotive sector, the number of MLCCs used in each car is now increasing, according to this situation, the current MLCC production capacity certainly cannot keep up with the demands. Furthermore, due to the popularity of EV (electric car) shifting and automatic operation, the use of MLCCs in automobiles is expected to further expand. For smart phones, with the advent of next-generation communications 5G, we expect strong demand.

According to reports, Murata acquired 58,824 square meters of land adjacent to Fukui Murata, for a new six-storey production building with a floor area of ​​54,142 square meters. It plans to employ 800 new employees within three to four years after completion in December 2019. In terms of production capacity, Murata plans to increase the capacity of the MLCC at Murata Plant in Fukui Prefecture by 10% annually within three years after the completion of the plant construction.