Dec. 28, 2022 /SemiMedia/ -- Toshiba Group recently announced that it will build a new manufacturing facility in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan for the production of power semiconductor devices and modules. The project is expected to be put into production in the spring of 2025, which is expected to more than double Toshiba's automotive power semiconductor production capacity at the manufacturing base.

According to industry insiders, the demand for products such as Toshiba MOSFETs in the automotive and industrial automation markets is expected to continue to grow, and Toshiba has therefore decided to meet this demand growth by building new back-end facilities.

Earlier this year, Toshiba has announced that it will build a new 12-inch power semiconductor wafer manufacturing facility at its base in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. The construction will be carried out in two phases, of which the first phase is planned to be completed and put into operation in fiscal year 2024, which is expected to increase the front-end production capacity of Toshiba's power semiconductors by 2.5 times compared with fiscal year 2021.