KYOCERA AVX, the world's leading manufacturer of passive electronic components, announced the launch of a new global MLCC part numbering system this November.

The new global MLCC part numbering system will maximize manufacturing synergies within KYOCERA AVX and the KYOCERA Electronics Components Group, which combined their MLCC manufacturing and development resources in 2021 following the corporate reorganization and rebranding that elicited KYOCERA AVX. It will also facilitate the rapid expansion of the MLCC business unit and make it easier for customers to perform product searches across the entire KYOCERA AVX brand portfolio.

“The new MLCC part numbering system will be introduced this November, starting with new product releases. Our goal is to make it the universally preferred ordering code for all KYOCERA AVX MLCC products while providing customers with adequate time to familiarize themselves with the new part numbers,” said Neil Smyth, Marketing Director, KYOCERA AVX. “We’re excited about this important milestone of our MLCC product line integration. Also, I’d like to emphasize that all of the KYOCERA AVX MLCCs that employ the new part numbering system will continue to be produced with the same trusted materials, designs, and processes and exhibit the same physical and electrical characteristics.”

For more information about KYOCERA’s new global MLCC part numbering system, including cross references to current part numbers, please visit and