According to Nikkei, Taiyo Yuden's orders fell sharply last quarter and shrank for four consecutive quarters. It is rumored that it is considering lowering the MLCC capacity utilization rate this quarter.

The report pointed out that the revenue of Taiyo Yuden MLCC increased by 2.6% to 54.583 billion yen compared with the same period last year, the revenue of inductors increased by 3.2% to 11.748 billion yen, and the revenue of composite components decreased by 34.5% to 9.159 billion yen. Other departments Revenue from products including aluminum electrolytic capacitors and energy components rose 18.7% to 6.248 billion yen.

Taiyo Yuden pointed out that the amount of orders received in the last quarter fell by 29% to 71.6 billion yen compared with the same period last year, which was the fourth consecutive quarter of decline. Among them, the order value of the capacitor department dropped by 30% to 47 billion yen.

The report revealed that Taiyo Yuden is considering reducing the capacity utilization rate of capacitors (MLCCs) for July-September 2022 to around 85% from the 95% announced in May.