Future Electronics announced recently that it will provide Cut Tape services in China and no MOQ required, it is a new solutions for small-batch purchases.

So far, Future Electronics China's official website will be able to completely cover the full support from the new product development, small batch production / sample, to scale production, complete project life cycle required. For the purpose of new product design, prototype development, multi-variety and small-batch production, provide the appropriate number of properly packaged components.

Zheng Liang, Director of Future Electronics China's e-Commerce Division, said: “This will be another upgrade service for online purchases after the official launch of Fulbright Electronics China's official website. Future Electronics Co., Ltd. has always met the customer's needs for small batch production. With Mini Reels service, now, based on the comprehensive upgrade of the cut-and-reel service, production customers can customize the mini-reel according to their purchase volume, so that a wider range of engineers and even small and medium-sized customers can benefit from our Benefit from the service."

“Small batch production is very common and usually cannot be matched with the MOQ/MPQ of the manufacturer's original packaging.” Zheng Liang further added, “In a multi-variety small batch (HMLV) market segment such as industry, healthcare, demand forecast is usually It is 'rough' and needs more flexible supply chain support. Cut tape and mini-reel service can minimize excess and obsolete inventory for multi-species and small-batch markets. Of course, cutting tapes will also have It will benefit Future Electronics, starting from the new product development stage, helping customers seamlessly transition to the full production stage, ensuring new product design verification, ensuring full optimization of volume production, and providing early support for volume pricing.”

At present, Future Electronics China's official website can provide more than 14,000 components of the cut tape packaging, and this number is still increasing.