According to Nikkei Asia, Intel has notified customers that it will raise prices for most microprocessors and peripheral chips later this year due to soaring production and material costs.

The report pointed out that Intel plans to raise prices this fall on flagship products such as its market-dominant server and PC processors, as well as on a range of other products, including WiFi and other connectivity chips.

The source said that the specific price increase has not yet been finalized. However, it could grow from single digits to over 10% and 20% depending on the product.

Intel did not respond to rumors of price increases, emphasizing that the company will continue to meet customer demand for products, and continue to bring innovation and value to customers in the short or medium to long term.

However, the report also pointed to a bearish outlook for consumer spending due to sharply higher global inflation. Since the beginning of this year, demand for mobile phones, personal computers, televisions and video games has fallen, unsold inventories are accumulating, and Samsung Electronics has notified some suppliers to stop supplying materials.