STMicroelectronics has released new 40V MOSFETs, the STL320N4LF8 and STL325N4LF8AG, which optimize body diode characteristics while reducing on-resistance and switching losses, saving energy and ensuring low noise in circuits used for power conversion, motor control, and power distribution.

The new 40V N-channel enhancement-mode MOSFETs leverage the latest-generation STPOWER STripFET F8 oxide-filled trench technology to achieve superior figures of merit. The STL320N4LF8 and STL325N4LF8AG feature maximum on-resistance (Rds(on)) of 0.8mOhm and 0.75mOhm, respectively, at gate-source voltage (VGS) of 10V. The MOSFETs extremely efficient Rds(on) per die area allows a space-saving and thermally efficient PowerFLAT 5×6 package.

ST’s advanced STripFET F8 technology also ensures excellent switching speed through low device capacitances that minimize dynamic parameters such as gate-drain charge, boosting the system efficiency. Designers can select switching frequency in the range from 600kHz to 1MHz, permitting smaller capacitive and magnetic components to save circuit size and bill of materials, as well as increasing the power density of the final application.

A proper output capacitance and associated equivalent series resistance prevent spikes in the drain-source voltage and ensure shorter dumpling oscillation time at turn off. With this, and the body diode’s soft recovery characteristic, the STL320N4LF8 and STL325N4LF8AG emit extremely low electromagnetic interference (EMI) compared to other similar devices in the market. In addition, the diode has low reverse-recovery charge that minimizes energy losses in hard-switching topologies.

The gate threshold voltage (VGS(th)) is tightly controlled in the STL320N4LF8 and STL325N4LF8AG to ensure a narrow spread across devices and hence facilitate parallel connection of multiple MOSFETs to handle increased current. Outstanding short-circuit ruggedness is also assured, withstanding up to 1000A (pulses shorter than 10µs).

Ideal for battery-powered products and applications in computing, telecom, lighting, and general power conversion, the STL320N4LF8 and STL325N4LF8AG are the first industrial-qualified and AEC-Q101 qualified STPOWER STripFET F8 MOSFET devices, respectively.

The STL320N4LF8 and STL325N4LF8AG are in mass production now, priced from $1.29 and $1.40, respectively, for orders of 1000 units. For more information please visit