According to the latest report from Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), the global semiconductor industry recorded sales of $50.9 billion in April 2022, an increase of 21.1% from $42.0 billion in April 2021 and a 0.7% increase from $50.6 billion in March 2022.

“Global semiconductor sales have increased by more than 20% on a year-to-year basis for 13 consecutive months, indicating consistently high and growing demand for semiconductors across a range of critical sectors,” said John Neuffer, SIA president and CEO. “High global chip demand will necessitate more semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing in the years ahead, and we urge leaders in Washington to enact innovation and competitiveness legislation that ensures more of this chip production and innovation occurs on U.S. shores.”

Sales were up compared to April 2021 in the Americas (40.9%), Europe (19.2%), Japan (18.5%), Asia Pacific/All Other (18.1%), and China (13.3%). Month-to-month sales increased in the Americas (3.1%), Japan (1.6%), and Asia Pacific/All Other (1.2%), but fell slightly in China (-0.6%), and Europe (-3.3%).

SIA: Global semiconductor sales up 21.1% YoY, 0.7% MoM in April-SemiMedia

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