According to businesskorea, Samsung Electro-Mechanics announced that it has developed 13 types of automotive MLCCs that can operate in a 150℃ environment, and the company plans to supply these products to global auto parts manufacturers.

MLCCs are used to control the steady flow of current in electronic circuits, and are essential for products such as smartphones, home appliances, and automobiles, but in environments with temperatures above the guaranteed temperature, MLCCs ensure operation by reducing capacitance.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics' newly developed MLCC operates normally even at 150℃ without reducing capacitance.

Automotive products used in extreme environments are more difficult to develop than products for IT devices, and among them, powertrain applications are the most difficult" said Kim Doo-young, head of the Component Solution Unit, Samsung Electro-Mechanics.

"We will further expand our presence in the automotive MLCC market by using differentiated materials and manufacturing techniques, such as in-house development of dielectric material," he added.